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Julie’s Family Holiday


posted August 29th 2018



I am 57 years young, with 3 sons and 5 wonderful grandchildren (3 girls, 2 boys). I love to write, having self-published twice and am a bit of a social butterfly when I get the chance. I have been an army wife living in Germany and more recently worked in Kuwait contracting. Now my bones are creaky and I have some Ill health I spend time at home writing and am an avid social media nut, keeping in touch with my friends from around the world is very important to me.

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Going on holiday abroad with grandchildren isn’t for the feint-hearted, aside from the fact it’s been 28 years since you went away with your own little people, you have got much older, your body is feeling the years and your brain isn’t quite as sharp as it once was then add two little girls who you adore, one is almost 5 and ready for school and the other is a 16 month old she devil in disguise…

The flight out should have been a warning, the youngest of the two won’t keep still and continues to wriggle, scream and kick off at every opportunity while still enjoying the attention the stewardess is giving her.

My room at the amazing hotel was next door to my son, his fiancé and my beautiful granddaughters, every morning the young one would shout “Nana, Nana, Nana” until I went out on the balcony said hello and waited for her grin. The biggest of grins the most uplifting of smiles, but the devil behind her eyes.
I learnt on day 1 that unless she was being fed or entertained she would invariably be kicking off – Royal style.

She even managed to string 4 words together one morning while shouting me to the balcony and opening her hand showing me a poo she had done earlier with a smiling “look what I’ve got”. I screamed so loud to my son, more that she had said four words than what she was holding on to. I left him to clean that one up.

The oldest of the two, wanted me in the pool, wanted my attention, trips to the loo, and sleepovers in my room. Her favourite pastime on the sun beds was telling anyone who would listen about my ‘Bingo Wings’ whilst slapping the fatty tissue below my arms and watching it wobble with a giggle. She jumped on my tummy one day by the pool, “Nana” she asked “why is your skin so wrinkly?” And before I could
answer, redeeming herself with a “it doesn’t matter though Nana cos you’re wonderful”.
Well saved, Savannah Rose, well saved.

Getting up from a sun-bed on holiday whilst holding on to a heavy sleeping 16 month old isn’t for the feint-hearted and as every bone in my body cracked and my knees gave way under the strain, it was all I could do to steady myself as I stood.

Maybe my next holiday should be an adults only one!

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