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Supporting your Grandchild Develop Their Reading, Writing and Numeracy Skills


posted September 10th 2018

As our grandchildren return to school we’ll see and hear lots about how we can support them but what about the little ones who haven’t yet started school, how can we best support them develop their skills?

We spoke to our friends at The Creation Station and they shared their views on helping them develop their reading, writing and numeracy skills, here’s what they said…

Even without a formal teaching environment your grandchild is always learning, absorbing information about their world as they explore. Your grandchild is learning through play.

Alongside reading with your grandchild, you can help your grandchild understand the word around them and build their confidence by exploring shapes, helping them make marks and ultimately form letters.

Exploring and understanding shapes can help your child’s development in the following ways:

Verbal communication

Try to describe the environment around you without using a shape description? Our world is made up of shapes and so it is helpful for our grandchildren to be able to describe and understand what they see and feel.

Logic Skills

When looking at shapes, we can look at which ones are the same and which ones are different. This can support your grandchild as they will start to group things together which is important when they learn how to count, add and subtract. It also starts to develop their analytical skills.

Practice for numbers and letters

All letters are made up of shapes. By exploring these shapes together your grandchild gains a better understanding of how to form letters. As they start to learn about shapes they start to learn about the number of sides a shape has and this, in turn, supports their understanding of what counting is and why it’s helpful.

Here are some simple steps to help your grandchild read and write;

– Start with exploring shapes and marks
– Describe the world around you
– Encourage mark making
– Create with shapes
– Create your own shapes
– Recognise differences and similarities
– Match, sort and count
– Play with shapes
– Make marks with friends
– Experiment with new shapes
– Count together
– Have fun together
– Read together
– Mark making develops kids writing skills

The award-winning The Creation Station programme of ‘Shimmy Shimmy Shapes’ is designed to support you and your grandchild through fun, hands-on creative journeys of exploration, discovery and development. To find out more visit their website.

If you or someone you know would love to run their own fun, flexible and creative business with lots of support, find out more by downloading an information pack through our website.

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