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How to make Foam Masks

Things To Do

posted October 4th 2018

We have teamed up with our friends over at Hobbycraft to share with you some great arts and crafts ideas. Today we will be looking at how to make long lasting Foam Masks. We will take you through how to make a Fox Mask but we’ll also provide templates for other ideas too!

You will need:
– Scissors, grandparent supervision will be required
– PVA glue
– A5 Foam in orange, black and white
– Stapler
– Elastic
– Pen
– Mask templates – these can be found here.

What to do:
1. Cut out the templates. Draw around them onto craft foam and cut 1 orange main piece, 1 white whiskers, 1 black nose and 2 black ears. To cut the eyes out on the orange foam, fold the foam on the eye and snip in the centre, then cut out.

2. Arrange the pieces together then glue in place.

3. Take the end of the elastic and hold it on the back of the mask where indicated by the black dot. Staple in place so that the sharp edges are on the front of the mask.

4. Place the mask on your child’s head to work out the fit, then cut the elastic to size. Staple the other end of the elastic onto the other end of the mask.

You now have you completed mask!

Templates are available on the Hobbycraft website. You’ll also find a handy video showing you how to make the Fox Mask, so why not take a look here.

We’re always keen to see what you make so don’t forget to tag us and Hobbycraft – @grandparenthub and @hobbycrafthq on Instagram, or @grandparenthub and @hobbycraft on Twitter using the #MakeItDontBuyIt and #memoriestomoments hashtags.

For more crafting ideas visit the Hobbycraft website.

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