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How to Make a Peg Doll Family Box Frame

Things To Do

posted October 4th 2018

A peg doll family box frame makes the perfect gift, and an alternative snapshot in time of your loved ones. You can add anything you want to your box frame – so why not see how creative you and your grandchild can get with clothing choices and backdrops when you make your family!

The Hobbycraft team share with us how to make this.

You will need:

– Wooden dolly pegs
– Small hacksaw (optional – to be used by an adult)
– Fine tip Sharpie pens
– Hair coloured embroidery thread
– Selection of felt sheets
– Selection of kid’s paint and brushes
– 15cm square box frame
– Scissors
– PVA Glue

To make this follow these instructions:

1.) Begin by cutting the pegs to different sizes – this is optional, the dolls can be the same size if you prefer to skip this step. We used a small saw to trim two of the pegs to make them different lengths to represent the children in the family. Please ensure that the sawing is done by an adult!

2.) Draw the facial features onto the top of each peg using Sharpie pens.

3.) To make hair, wind embroidery thread around 3 fingers 7-10 times. Pull off and cut the ends loose. Glue to top of the peg and press the thread on with the strands going forward over the face and down the back. Repeat to glue the more thread in the opposite direction, going down the side of the face. Trim to the desired length and style if you like.

4.) If you want some of your dolls to be in a skirt or dress, paint a top onto the peg and add shoes to the bottom. Once dry, cut a strip of felt measuring approximately 7cm x 15cm. Add glue along the top of the felt and wrap it around the doll. Fold the sides down at the back to encourage the felt to flare out. Trim the bottom so that it is flat.

5.) For the boy dolls paint the top and trousers. Once dry add felt accessories, like bow ties, braces, belts and straps from the remaining felt and glue to your dolls.

6.) Add a few more details to the clothes using sharpies, such as pockets, patterns and details on the trousers.

7.) Take the inner frame out of the box. Mark along the bottom where you want to position your dolls and add a dob of glue before putting each doll in their place. Leave to set and fix the frame back together.

8.) Paint the back of the frame if you like, and leave to dry. Pop the dolls into the frame and replace the back.

Shop the project at Hobbycraft.

We’re always keen to see what you make so don’t forget to tag us and Hobbycraft – @grandparenthub and @hobbycrafthq on Instagram, or @grandparenthub and @hobbycraft on Twitter using the #MakeItDontBuyIt and #memoriestomoments hashtags.

For more crafting ideas visit the Hobbycraft website.

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