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Welcome to the first product Awards voted for by Grandparents!

Early Bird Opens

Friday 26th October 2018

Standard Entry Opens

Saturday 24th November 2018 — EARLY BIRD EXTENDED due to popular demand

Entries close

Friday 14th December 2018

Shortlist Announced

Thursday 31st January 2019

Winners Announced

Thursday 28th February 2019

Why should I enter?


  • Grandparents spend more than £1 billion a year on their grandchildren and are key purchasers of product and services for this market.
  • Grandparents have the time to research products and services for their grandchildren and play a crucial role in identifying which products to purchase; they are undoubtedly key influencers within this market.
  • You will increase your brand awareness to the grandparent audience by being featured on The Grandparent Hub website.
  • You will boost your sales through use of the winners badge if you win an award as it will provided grandparent peer-on-peer recommendation and credibility.
  • You will be benchmarked against your competitors in the eyes of grandparents.
  • Being a finalist certifies excellence within your field, a key marker for grandparents.
  • You will gain a competitive edge over other products within the market.

Award Categories

Click on the buttons below to find the category that is right for your product.
You can enter more than one product and you can enter in to more than one category.

How much will it cost?


All award entries must be completed online at by midnight on the Friday 14th December 2018.
To qualify for an early bird discount at a cost of £90 + VAT per entry per product you must have entered by midnight 23rd November 2018. The cost of entering will increase to £120 + VAT per entry per product after midnight on the 23rd November 2018.

What is the testing process?


Our panel of judges will be reviewing your products both quantitatively and qualitatively. They will be asked to score your product out of 10 in the 4 following areas:


Usability, Design, Quality and Value for money.


In addition to areas specific to the product category. Please see the product categories for further information.


The overall scores will be added up and these will then be averaged out to give you a final score across all 5 judges. You will need to provide 5 of your product for the testing process to be successful (larger products will only need one sample as they will be group tested). This is how the shortlist is decided.


The judges are then asked to answer the following open-ended questions:


  • Would you recommend this product to another grandparent and why?
  • Can you see this product being used by your grandchild/ren – if they are now older, please think back to when they were younger.
  • If you could change one thing about this product what would it be and why?
  • Why would you choose this product over another product in the same market?


These responses will then be used to pick the shortlist which will be announced on The Grandparent Hub website and then voted on by our Grandparent audience.


The innovation category will also be judged by The Grandparent Hub testing panel. These judges will still score the product as above but will then answer questions about why the product is innovative and what sets it apart from anything else on the market.


If you have any queries about the testing process please contact


The Shortlist


All the testing forms will be returned to The Grandparent Hub at the end of testing. The judging panel will calculate the final scores. The five top-scoring products in each category will make it to the final shortlist. The shortlist will be announced on the 31st January 2019. The winners will be decided by our grandparent audience on our website


Follow Up


If you would like feedback on how your product performed during testing please email



Q: Have I been shortlisted?
A: The shortlist for all categories will be announced on 31st January 2019, via email and published on If your product has not been chosen then unfortunately it will not be included in the shortlist.


Q: When do we find out the results?
A: All winners will be announced via email and on The Grandparent Hub website on 28th February 2019.


Q: How many samples do I need to send?
Number of samples needed for Playtime and Other categories: 5
Number of samples needed for Travel and Feeding: 1 (excluding Travel Product category where 5 samples are needed)
We will advise of the delivery address for samples once entry has been received.


Q: What should I include with my sample?
A: Please ensure you provide instructions on how to use your product correctly. It is also vital that you include information on:
– How to use your product including any set up/operation information, battery requirements etc.
– How your product is different to anything else out there on the market, referencing competitors where appropriate.
– What makes your product innovative and how it helps grandparents and/or baby/child.
For the feeding categories:
– Any nutritional points of note with the baby food including specific age range appropriateness
All categories:
– How your product is different to anything else out there on the market, referencing competitors where appropriate.


Q: We don’t have the stock…
A: Please email to advise when your stock will arrive or make alternate arrangements..


Q: What is the voting process?
A: Products will be tested by our judging panel during January. Once the shortlist has been announced we will open up voting to The Grandparent Hub audience to choose the winners.


Q: What happens to our products once they’ve been reviewed?
A: Once the judges have reviewed your product you may request to have them returned (assuming you have made this clear from the beginning) or they can be gifted to either our judging panel or to our Grandparent Hub audience via competition. By gifting them to the judging panel, they will then be the owner and we will not get involved in any dispute surrounding the product after the judge has reviewed this product.


If your question is not answered above please contact