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Becoming a Grandma


posted April 22nd 2018

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It doesn’t seem possible that I’ve been a Grandma for almost 11 years. Grandson no 1 turns 11 on the 2nd April and will be starting secondary school in September. I really don’t know where the time has gone!
I’m mum to one daughter and Grandma to 3 wonderful grandsons aged 6, 9 and almost 11. We’ve always lived close to G and the boys so spend a lot of time with them, which we love.
We had G when we very young so there’s actually only 16 years between G and me and we’ve always done lots of things together, even before the grandkids came along.
When G got married and moved out we had two spare bedrooms so when the first grandson came along it just seemed natural to turn one of the rooms into a nursery, so they could stay over and not to have to worry about bringing lots of stuff with them and we could also look after the grandchildren overnight.
All the boys have stayed over with us since they were tiny, and the nursery has now grown into the “boys room”. We love having them stay and they love coming, sometimes calling up to ask if they can come and stay – maybe I do spoil them a bit, but not too much.
Even though I may spoil them a little bit, well that’s what grandparents do. I think it’s important to support the parents and we always make sure we follow the same rules that G and Mr G have for them. They’re not particularly strict parents so it’s just things like not having devices at the dinner table etc.
As I said we’ve always done lots of things as a family. At Christmas G has always come home to stay, arriving Christmas Eve and staying for a few days. This didn’t stop when she got married so we’ve always had the boys here on Christmas morning, which is always very special. We also go away on holiday together at least once a year; and always a week in Croyde Bay.
I had a really close relationship with my nan and could talk to her about anything and that’s what I’m hoping I’ll have with the boys. I always make sure I have time for them and as well as doing things altogether every now and again I’ll take them each out on their own for the day, it’s lovely to spend time with them on an individual basis as it’s a totally different dynamic without their brothers around.
I had the opportunity to retire early so in December I retired. Mr J and I want to do some more travelling and he works freelance, so it seemed like an ideal opportunity.
We’re also making another big change in our lives as we’ve decided that we’re going to buy a house with G and Mr G and the boys and all move in together. We’ve been discussing it for a while and have decided that now’s the right time to do it.
G and Mr G could do with more space, we don’t need as much space and want to have the freedom to go off and travel a bit. We’re planning on buying a large house and building a bespoke extension, so we’ll have our own space, lounge, office, bedroom, bathroom etc. We’re happy to share the kitchen as we love eating and cooking together and G and I are already planning our big family / party kitchen.
We know it wont all be plain sailing and we’re all going in with our eyes wide open, but we’re all very excited about it and I’m sure we’ll be able to make it work.
So, we’re looking forward to the next chapter in our lives and sharing even more of it with our grandkids. #3Generation1House.
Thoroughly Modern Grandma

Websiite :
Twitter: @TModernGrandma

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