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The Blue Coat Mystery


posted October 26th 2018



I’m a retired photography lecturer and a writer for many years. I have found that being a grandparent has been a fulfilling and loving experience that has enhanced my enjoyment of life. It’s important to stay active and immerse yourself into new things always. That’s my philosophy. I hope you enjoy reading my contributions and welcome your comments. For further work from Geoff visit:

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As I’ve mentioned before, we’re all aware of the cost of clothes for children, so when an item goes missing it becomes a bit of a big deal. The saga of the blue coat then needs, like fables of old, to be retold around the central heating boilers of the land to urge our grandchildren to take more care of their stuff.

The Blue Coat
The blue coat in question was a good one. The thinking behind it was of the ‘three-season’ variety. Warm and dry enough for Winter whilst at the same time serving for both Spring and Autumn. As always our granddaughter hung it up on her named hook at school. When she was collected from school she confessed that her coat was gone, lost, never to be seen again.

‘Not at that price’, said her aggrieved Mother. The search over the next couple of days was intensive, rivalling that of the quest for Tutankhamen’s tomb. Teachers were questioned closely; lost property was comprehensively searched and clues were sought but the blue coat was nowhere to be found. Like the Mary Celeste it would forever remain a mystery.

The Red Coat
There was nothing left for it but to buy a new one. The new coat is red and of the ‘three-season’ variety and is warm and dry enough for Winter etc, etc. It looks very nice and everything settled down just in time for the school shoes to be lost. A search ensued and so on and the errant child had to attend in her PE plimsolls.

This time there was no mystery. They had just been misplaced and the next day an enthusiastic young teacher, not yet worn down by years of lost property issues, discovered them. All was well and everything settled down.

The Punchline
That is until the blue coat turned up again. It was in the same condition, clean and undamaged and nobody knew where it had been. It was just there, on the hook one morning. It can only be presumed that some kind soul had found it somewhere, seen the name inside, and replaced it. We’ll never know.

The beauty of this absolutely true story is that when we grandparents went to collect the child from school, she duly appeared gleefully holding ​up not one but two coats! Brilliant. One of the best laughs we’ve had in ages. Our granddaughter was more nervous about her Mother’s reaction.

I did my level best to get her to greet her Mum wearing BOTH coats simultaneously which would of course have been hilarious but she thought it too risky. In the event, our daughter merely sighed, sank into a chair and put her hands over her face. Her shoulders were shaking and we tried to console her. The sage of the blue coat had been too much for
the poor soul. A garment too far.In fact she was laughing. There’s a funny side to everything, after all.

Sometimes you just have to laugh.


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