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Welcome to Frankie – aka Thoroughly Modern Grandma


posted March 28th 2018

Guest Blogger


We are very lucky to have a wide range of guest bloggers that have written for us. From published authors to bloggers to grandparents looking to dip their toe in the writing water and share their experiences. In addition to this have also had parents that have wanted to take the time to thank their parents for being great grandparents. If you would like to write for us and have a story or something you’d like to share get in touch at We’d love to hear from you!

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We are delighted that Frankie aka The Thoroughly Modern Grandma will be writing some pieces for us here at The Grandparent Hub.
Before Frankie shares her first piece with us we thought it would be great to get to know her a bit more so asked her a few questions; we’re also quite nosey!

‘So Frankie, how many children do you have?’
‘1 daughter’
‘And what about grandchildren?’
‘3 grandsons, they all love football! The eldest two play for the local youth team and the 3rd one just trains at the moment. They are all in the Scouts – that is one is in Beavers, one in Cubs and one in Scouts. The eldest one also love BMXing and the middle one is mad on music. Their favourite bands are Kasabian, The Amazon’s, Circa Waves and the oldest one also likes Oasis songs. The littlest one is animal mad and can tell you most things about any animal. Personality wise they are all very different. The eldest one is nearly 11 but he’s started getting very fussy about how his hair looks!’
‘How often do you see your grandsons?’
‘At least twice a week, I usually collect them from school on a Wednesday, they always come to us for Sunday dinner and we quite often see them on a Saturday. We also have them at weekends when our daughter and son in law go away for the weekend. We also go on holiday together as a family at least once a year and go to a couple of weekend music festivals.’
‘What do you enjoy most about spending time with them?’
‘Their enthusiasm, the funny things the little one comes out with and just spending time chatting with them.’
‘Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your younger self about being a parent?’
‘Make the most of your time when they are young as they grow up so quickly, capture the moments.’
‘Have you always been a writer?’
‘I was an Accountant but that actually involved a lot of writing as I had to write the monthly Board Reports and tell the story behind the numbers and make sure it was engaging and easy to read for non-finance people.’
‘What’s the thing you enjoy most about writing?’
‘It’s quite therapeutic putting things down on paper and it’s also a way to capture the memories.’
‘What would you say to other that are thinking about it but have yet to take the plunge?’
‘Just Do It – life’s too short for regrets.’

‘It would be good to learn a bit more about you…
‘Can you tell us about the first concert you went to?’
‘It was probably the Eurythmics.’
‘Do you have a favourite all-time film?’
‘No I have lots of favourite films, it depends what mood I’m in. Some of them are Roman Holiday, Blade Runner, Top Gun, Highlander, Houseboat, I could go on and on.’
‘What’s the last book you read?’
‘Girl on the Train.’
‘What’s the one thing you do for yourself?’
‘Make time to spend with friends.’
‘What’s the thing you are most proud of in life?’
‘My daughter.’

‘Thanks Frankie’

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