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3-in-1 Spin and Sort Activity Centre


posted May 1st 2019

Our little grandchildren grow so quickly and it’s wonderful watching them start to explore the world around them and start to do things by themselves.

One of our grandparents, Allison, recently tried out Fisher Price’s 3-in-1 Spin and Sort Activity Centre as her grandson Aston, who is almost eight months old, is having fun playing with things around him and this looked like it may be something he would enjoy (it’s for those 3 months+). Here’s what Allison had to say…

‘It was great to try this out with Aston and it’s fair to say he loved it.

It was easy to assemble – everything just clicks in so it couldn’t be simpler!

It can be used as just a table or an activity station on the floor but at the age Aston is he wanted to be up-right so we set it up with the seat.

The best thing about the seat is that it moves round and Aston enjoyed this, he loved going round and round in it and being able to access all the toys himself. He also liked it because everything moves and can go in his mouth!

He really enjoyed the shape blocks and kept pulling them off, but no need to worry, they are meant to come off! To be fair though, he played with everything! Again and again.

I would definitely recommend this to other grandparents. It is good value for money as there’s so much for Aston to look at and touch, he also likes being able to be supported and on his feet without us having to hold him up.

This would be a fun activity centre for any little one!’

— Allison

To find out more about Fisher Price’s 3-in-1 Spin and Sort Activity Centre you can visit most toy shops or visit online stores including Argos – click here. RRP is £69.99.

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