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Introducing milkymeter


posted May 1st 2019

We’ve all been there, our grandchild is crying, they want their bottle but we’re trying to get it to the right temperature – is it too hot? Is it too cold? It should be simple but isn’t.

Our friends over at milkymeter may well have found the answer! They have invented a gadget which tells us when the milk is the perfect temperature, every time!

Simply pop the 15cm long milkymeter into the baby’s bottle and place them both in to the microwave. The milkymeter tells you when milk is ready for baby to drink from inside baby’s bottle whilst warming in the microwave. It gives you real-time information on the temperature development, so that you can stop the microwave at exactly the right time, enabling you to serve milk to baby at the right temperature, ready to drink.

Quick and correct warming of our grandchild’s milk helps prevent us from overheating the nutrients in their milk and also ensures the milk is safe for our grandchild to drink comfortably. Did you know that the nutrition in breast milk can be damaged if heated above 45c or if kept warm for a long time period? When using milkymeter, you stop the heating process at the right time, making heating quick and controlled, and avoiding ‘hotspots’.

Milkymeter is so convenient as it can be used at home or on-the-go! It doesn’t take up lots of room and is safe to use with milk, breast milk and formula. Milkymeter also works with any type of milk bottle and in all microwave ovens.

How to use milkymeter

1) Simply pop milkymeter in to baby’s bottle along with the milk, breast milk or formula. Then pop into the microwave (ideally to the side not the centre of the turning plate).
2) Start the microwave. Once you close the microwave door and start the power, the product harvests energy from the power of the microwave to work.
3) Look for the green light. You will know milkymeter has started working as it will flash a bright blue light.
4) Watch the milkymeter for a few more seconds and you will see it flash bright green. The green light means it is time to open the microwave door, stir the milk with the milkymeter, then pop it to one side to be washed.
5) Twist on the teat and test the milk as you would normally, before feeding baby. Simple.

Milkymeter can only be used in a microwave and is based on new Microweter technology and does not use a wire, a charger or a battery. It works inside a microwave oven once the power is on, only. As opposed to normal thermometers it does not show degrees in a display, but has a LED light in the top that shows different temperatures with different colours and intensities. This makes it possible to keep an eye on temperature development inside the microwave:
= flashing blue light means the milk is too cold,
= green light means the temperature is right and you should stop the microwave oven,
= the red flashing light indicates that the milk is too hot.

It is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

Like the sound of this? Milkymeter is available to purchase on Amazon, click here to visit the Amazon website.

To find out more about milkymeter visit

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