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LittleLife Shares Its Tips On How To Keep Little Ones Safe Outdoors


posted September 29th 2019

Making sure you and your young grandchilren spend time outdoors is what LittleLife, the family adventure brand, knows best. Passionate about enabling families to keep exploring in safety and comfort, the brand is constantly innovating, whether it’s pop-up travel cots, UV beach shelters, baby carriers with built-in rain and sun cover, or toddler backpacks with detachable reins, LittleLife has your back!  The importance of getting outdoors is well-known but, with busy active grandchildren, keeping them safe and secure can be a worry. So, this September, to celebrate Baby Safety Month, LittleLife is sharing its top tips on how to get the most out of the great outdoors with a toddler in tow – whatever the weather!

 Prevention is the best medicine!

Fresh air and open spaces are excellent energy-expellers for eager explorers, but it can present its own set of risks. And, whilst we know that accidents and injuries happen, many can be prevented just by observing a few safety precautions.

1. Being prepared is key

You never know when the weather may shift, if your grandchild might take a tumble, or splash in muddy puddles, so keep a basic first aid kit to hand, take along a pack-away waterproof and, for particularly muddy days, the LittleLife Kick Mat Protector is really useful to keep the muck from the back of car seats, and pack a towel for damp toes too!

2. Never out of sight

Little ones can get carried away in the rush of excitement, forgetting to keep an eye on their grown-up. Teach them to always have you in their sight and make a game of calling out obvious landmarks together along the way. And, should they become lost, teach them to stay calm and stay put. Perhaps get them to wear a LittleLife ID bracelet so you can be contacted just in case they do wander off, or pop on one of our hi-vis toddler backpacks or vests so little ones can be spotted easily.

3. Problem plants and beastly bugs

Use dedicated or cleared paths to reduce children’s exposure to problem plants and bugs, pointing out the ‘naughty’ wildlife that can, sting, scratch or make you itch as you go. Wearing long sleeve tops and trousers also protect against thorny shrubs and scratchy grass and always avoid open toes shoes!

4. Bushtucker is not on the menu!

Perhaps the biggest lesson to instill in your grandchild is to NEVER put anything in their mouth that they’ve picked up when out on a nature walk, and not to drink untreated water. No matter how tempting or ‘safe’ it appears to be, the consequences are too great!

5. Keeping a close rein in the city

Sometimes the countryside can’t compete with the excitement of a bustling city or you might just need to get the Christmas shop done. Investing in LittleLife’s child safety reins or toddler backpack with built-in reins are a great idea for a toddler. Not only do they alleviate worry because you can maintain constant ‘hold’ of your little one, but your grandchild ill love having their favourite character adorning their back, coupled with the sense of freedom from being ‘hands-free’. What’s more, our backpacks also come with a handy grab handle and waist belt for added comfort and safety.

Life is full of little adventures and if you are interested in learning more about LittleLife’s products so you can keep exploring in safety please head to for more information.

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