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Magic Santa Letters


posted December 10th 2018

Being a grandparent is wonderful, especially at Christmas when you get to live the magic of Christmas through your grandchildren.

Now Austin is four and Liberty is starting to understand a little bit about Christmas, I wanted to do something special for them this year and that’s where Magic Santa Letters came in.

I ordered both grandchildren a personalised Santa Sack, a letter from Santa and their own Christmas Eve box – such a lovely idea.

The Santa Sack’s arrived first. When we ordered we got to choose from a few different designs, colours and we could add Austin and Liberty’s name to them. When they arrived, I wasn’t disappointed. They are a good size and we will most definitely use them for years to come – that’s what makes them so special. I suppose that’s what Christmas is about. Those things you do and items you buy that you bring out every year, they are what make the memories.

The letters arrived addressed to the children individually in an envelope from the North Pole, we had added in the grandchildren’s details when we ordered. There were a couple of templates to choose from, we went with the ‘Cosy Fire’ template. I sat Liberty down and showed her the envelope and told her it was from Santa which she was happy about, but it’s fair to say that at 2, she didn’t really have the concentration to sit down and listen to me read it, opening the envelope took a fair bit of time! Austin, on the other hand, sat with me and listened as I read aloud the letter. Santa knew he wanted a fire truck! In the envelope was also a certificate from Santa – Austin and Liberty had both made it on to the good list so received a Good Child Certificate which Austin has put on the shelf in his bedroom.

To finish, we ordered a family Christmas Eve box which has our family name on. The box is due to arrive this week so whilst I have been waiting for it to arrive I have been out looking for little treats to add in to the box. So far I found a lovely book, and some pyjamas for the grandchildren.

All of these items individually are nice but when we put them all together it creates that special, Christmas feeling. I can’t wait to see their faces on Christmas morning, it can’t come soon enough.
It will be sad packing away their Santa Sacks and Christmas Eve box but I know I’ll be getting them out again next year and I can’t wait to see their little faces light up as they get that bit older and enjoy the magic of Christmas even more.


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