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Taking A Turn For The Nurse


posted June 19th 2018

You know, When I was a youth and saw an attractive young woman looking at me from across the room in, say, what we used to call a ‘Grocer’s’, I might preen a little and try to look more worldly than my years. These days, now that I have attained those years, when a young woman looks at me from across a ‘Supermarket’ I always assume she is a nurse because of the appraising look in her eye. She’s checking me out all right, but these days it’s as a potential client rather than a future mate.


I’ve always had a bit of a thing about nurses. As a young man I once had a relationship with a nurse. It might have been the starchy uniforms of the time or something. Maybe that’s just me. She was tall and willowy, outgoing and fun. Okay, I’ll cease wistfully reminiscing now and get to the point. Although our relationship was about young lust I was struck even then, in those shallow, callow days, by her dedication and professionalism. When the clock chimed work she was gone.


This dedication manifested itself some decades later when my Mother was terminally ill. Inevitably, as it is for all of us, those last days at home were a low point for my Father and I and it was then we had the knock on the door. This was to be our personal experience of Macmillan Nurses.

They kindly took over the care of my Mother with a quiet professionalism. It’s what they do. They treated her with gentleness and respect and sat with my Father, holding his hand. Never mawkish or superficial, their attitude said, simply, this is how it is.

Car Story

In another small glove compartment of my life, I review and write about cars and motoring matters. A couple of years ago I was checking out a hidden storage area beneath a car seat (because it was there) and found, to my surprise, a package of documents including family passports, personal papers and some cash.

I recognised the owner immediately; a very well-known actor and presenter who sometimes does car features. I phoned and he was, given the amount of inconvenience the loss of such a package would cause, understandably delighted. He wanted to show his appreciation by way of thanks and offered a donation to my favourite charity. That’s when I remembered my experience of a few years previously. As good as his word, he made a generous donation to Macmillan.

I have never forgotten how this organisation helped my family and I have no doubt they have helped some of you as well. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all Bob Geldof bossy, but they do need our money which is why I ask for your help in supporting The Grandparent Hub with their excellent Macmillan fundraising event. Go on.


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