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How to Build a Bug Hotel

Things To Do

posted November 8th 2018

This winter, why not work with the grandchildren to create a Bug Hotel, a great way to see and look after wildlife at this time of year. Our friends over at Forest Holidays love the outdoors and their Forest Rangers are always looking at ways to engage our young ones with the outdoors.

Here they share with us their top tips for building a Bug Hotel…

Bug Hotel Overview

The team at Forest Holidays used bricks (x 20), roof tiles (x 2) and old planks of timber so this is a great activity for your to do together and adult help and supervision is a must.

This is just one example of a Bug Hotel, you can look around your back garden and see what materials you have available, this should be a fun and free activity! And don’t forget to make sure the grandchildren find lots of material to fill the hotel with, no one, not even bugs, want a draugty and frosty hotel room for their holiday!

Top Tips

1) As you and your grandchildren build the layers of your hotel keep checking that it’s level, doesn’t wobble and is safe to have in your garden.
2) An adult can drill holes in to the end of old logs so that the bugs can find the right sized house for the winter. Make sure holes of different depths and sizes are drilled (from 2mm – 6mm) but don’t drill all the way through. Spiders in particular will love this; it’s a safe haven for them as they only need to defend one entrance from predators.
3) Try using bricks with holes, sideways on and with old bamboo pushed in if you have it. This will provide a safe place for bees, one of the bugs most under threat – and most important for our ecosystem
4) A great way to keep things together is to fit them into tubes that can be stacked in the hotel. Any tube will do, from an old kitchen roll inner to a short piece of drain pipe.

Keep a Record of Who Is Coming to Stay

Once you have built your Bug Hotel you and the grandchildren can go and take a look regularly, noting down which insects are coming to stay. Why not encourage friends to do it too, that way you can compare your visitors?

And, if you are planning on a break with Forest Holidays, take your notes with you. They have Bug Hotels at all their locations so you can see who comes to stay at their hotels and chat to the Forest Ranges about what the insects get up to whilst at your Hotel.

Enjoy building your Bug Hotel!

Content courtesy of Forest Holidays. Illustrations provided by kind permission of Rachel Boulton

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