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Things To Do

Spooky Spider

Things To Do

posted October 23rd 2018

Why not get the grandchildren ready for Halloween with a Spooky Spider from our friends at The Creation Station?

You will need:
– Thick, round, black balloons
– A few inches of string
– 4 black pipe cleaners
– White paint/tippex
– An adult to help!

What to do:
1) Blow up a round, black balloon so that it’s slightly inflated and tie the balloon shut.
2) Twist the balloon making a large part for the body and a smaller part for the head. Secure it with a piece of string.

If your balloon isn’t stretchy enough to do this, use two balloons – one for the body, one for the head, and tie together with string.

3) Fold each of the four pipe cleaners in half.
4) Twist the middle of each pipe cleaner and wrap around the twist in the balloon. This makes eight legs.
5) Fold and shape each pipe cleaner to look like legs.
6) Draw eyes and fangs using the white paint or tippex

Your spider is now ready to be hung up using a piece of string.

For more information about creativity classes visit The Creation Station website or contact your local leader for more information about bespoke events, visit here for more details. If there is not a local leader in your area, why not find out more about starting your own franchise.

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